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Project Scope

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We aim to combine the effort of the scientists from China, Japan, and Korea to study complex oxides. Through collaboration, we would synthesize single crystals of novel complex oxides, fabricate thin films and interfaces, and conduct electrical/ thermal/ magnetic transport and optical measurements. The mechanism behind the novel properties of the complex oxides would be revealed by various electronic structure studies, and further applications would be explored. Besides solving important scientific issues in the complex oxide field, we would work together to bring up young scientists in this field, and promote the complex oxide research in China and east Asia.

This Year's Feature

This year we are holding the A3 foresight program at Huangshan, south of Anhui province. It has already been one year and a half since we first set foot in the 'Iron Age'. After the boom of discoveries of new iron-based materials, what are we confronted with at present? Having novel materials placed in hand, what exotic new physics have we found in the past one year?

Also, new focus on Topological Insulator, spin frustrated system and the exploration of novel materials will be concerned. Meanwhile, the research on traditional issues including High Tc cuperates, high thermoelectric power materials and films never stop moving forward. We will try to cover the cutting edge advancement within these field at our best.


Scholars from China, Korea and Japan will put up a real big discussion on strongly correlated electron system and other novel materials. Check out whom we have this fall.

Meeting Arrangement

This year the meeting will last from 25th. Oct. to 28th. Oct., at Huangshan, Anhui, according to the temporary arrangements. Minor changes might occur should condition would change.

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Travel, Accomodation and Sightseeing

Mt. Huang is one of the best places for travel and sightseeing. Should you feel able to spare some time and wander around, Huangshan will surely offer you an impressive experience.

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